2007-The Death Of Immortality

the death of immortality
Congenital invincibility is abruptly discarded when the concept of mortality dawns on us as human beings for the first time in our consciousness. This painting discusses a personal meditation on the diagnosis of life and the condition of being a subject of death. It is simply a description of the experience of my existence in an attempt to subside the ‘the death of immortality’.

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Lament for the Makers
Art-magicianis and astrologgis,
Rethoris, logicianis, and theologgis,
Them helpis no conclusionis slee:—
Timor Mortis conturbat me.
(The Fear of Death confounds me)

William Dunbar. Poet.

frida’s lesson
Frida Kahlo is a medicine (wo)man.
Through her work and vigilant pursuit of self-expression despite the fundamental realities of her physical-health, she has emboldened me in lessons of self-therapy. Art-therapy.

  • Frida's lesson 2007
  • Test 2007
  • The death of immortality 2007
  • Frida's lesson 2007

    Frida's lesson 2007

    graphite, acrylic, ink and gold leaf on poly-cotton
    75 × 65 cm
    Private collection

  • Test 2007

    Test 2007

    graphite, acrylic and paper on board
    30 × 30 cm
    Private collection

  • The death of immortality 2007

    The death of immortality 2007

    graphite and acrylic on canvas
    152 × 121 cm
    Private collection